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Paver Restoration Services

Whether your pavers have become discolored, faded or covered in debris, Tuff Stuff can restore the once brilliant appearance of your pavers.

Most homes and businesses have pavers throughout their driveways, pools, patios, side walks etc. When you first installed the pavers, you were probably excited at the prospect of how little maintenance was required for it. However, years later, you may be dismayed to realize that your pavers no longer look the way they use too. Well that's because you probably have not had it cleaned and sealed. We also recommend that if your pavers are new, have them assessed by a hard-surface professional. The truth is that pavers do require cleaning and maintenance beyond sweeping and hose spraying. Especially because they tend to be extremely porous, your pavers need a good deep clean by a professional.

Mould Removal

We know how much this can be a hassle, that's why we use the best technology and highly trained technicians to ensure your hard surfaces mold free. Tuff Stuff Services can remove moulds and other bacteria from your residential or commercial with the right tools and cleaning solutions.

Failed Sealer Removal

Tuff Stuff removes failed paver sealers and restores the original brick. It is a no-wax, nonshrinking, water-soluble maintainer that improves the appearance of brickwork without leaving a grease film or chalk. tuff stuff removes surface grime from brick and concrete, leaving a bright luster that lasts for months, even in damp areas.

Revitalization Of Colors

Tuff stuff services will Revitalize the colors of your pavers and walkways. We can restore the beauty of your home and take away that ugly feel with quality work.

Efflorescence Removal

Discover the solution to efflorescence and the best solutions for removing it. We offer a complete range of water and efflorescence removal services that are suitable for almost any property.

Cleaning and Sealing Pavers

If your pavers to be cleaned and sealed, we can do that for you. Tuff Stuff services will rejuvinate the look of your driveway or patio at an affordable rate.

Key Benifit

Benefits of our Paver Restoration Services

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